Friday, 24 November 2017

Shabby Chic Patio! (Tutorial)

Bonjour my fellow crafters!

I guess I've been a bit addicted to French style lately and hence what could have been a better idea than creating a shabby chic patio using the gorgeous DressMyCraft Miniatures!
It is summer in Australia, the time for enjoying fresh air outside and we are all striving for some sunlight, breeze and other joys of this season. This is the best time to decorate your terrace, porch, patio or any other outdoor space you own but if not or if you want to change the décor a little, we are here to offer you the sweetest and the most laid-back style for décor – shabby chic! Oh well in miniature scale though ;)!

As they say, decorating a shabby chic terrace or patio in real life isn’t that tricky and won’t cost a pretty penny, so choosing this style you’ll save some money and renovate a lot of old things you were going to throw away.

Shabby chic style is about wood and metal mostly, all of them should be aged, distressed, weathered or given a worn look in some other way. Make a weathered wooden deck, paint the walls with whitewash paint and add delicate forged furniture. Colors are the softest and most relaxed ones: white, cream. Buttermilk, light grey, dusty blue and pink, all other kinds of pastels and neutrals, I’m sure that you’ll get inspired with the following diorama of my shabby chic patio!

I used the following Products from DMC:


Creating weathered wooden door panel:

- Whitewash the wooden panel with gesso and drybrush it using some acrylics in blue to create a distressed effect
- Add Prima Artisan powder in brown along with some coffee stains to give it an additional aged look

Creating distressed shelves:

- I used black gesso to prime the base of the shelves.
- Use a sponge to add some white chipped wood effect on the shelf rims 

Some random wood panels:

- Cut some ice-cream sticks to create some wooden fencing for a detailed vintage look, distressed with some distress crayon/ distress ink or oxides in shades of brown.

Here is the project (it's a picture heavy post, so sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!)

Accessories make up shabby chic style, so don’t be afraid to rock them all – you just can’t use too many! The accessories may add some touches of other styles, for example, of rustic style – go for baskets, jugs instead of vases, antlers, and buckets as planters. If you want something more refined, try French chic style and choose a crystal chandelier, lace and floral covers, canopy over the bench and maybe find an antique fountain, it may not work but will be sufficient for décor. Remember about flowers – you can grow them in pots around, and flowers are an indispensable part of shabby décor.

Products used from DMC:

Thanks for scrolling all the way till the end ;), 
hope you are inspired to create your miniature world now!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Miniature Cafe

Hi Peeps

How absolutely adorable are the Dress My Craft miniatures and how easy and fun it is to use them in creating 3D projects. I am sure you all are having a gala time admiring and getting inspired from the DT projects. There are so many different themes and 'scenes' created by each of the team member to showcase something unique and out of the box everyday !

Today, I want to share another miniature project depicting a café ! Have a look ..

The cabinet and shelves are handmade from scratch. The miniature wall clock, antique frame, crockery, gramophone, cake dome are miniature accessories from Dress My Craft.

And that's not all, I have a pretty customer with a pup too !

Here is the complete look of my shadow box !

Supply list

Miniature gramophone
Miniature dog
Miniature antique frames
Miniature candle stand
Wall clock
Miniature cake stand

Hope you enjoyed yet another miniature project :)


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Enchanted Garden Shadow box!

Hello Crafty Folks!

I'm back with another miniature project and I'm sure you must have been having a gala time checking out the gorgeous inspirations from the Design Team members. You can checkout the pretty miniatures HEREThese miniatures are breathtakingly lifelike and there is a vast vast variety at the store now. From rustic doors and pots to gorgeous real life scenic furniture, these accessories truly are class apart.

Lets checkout my take on the miniature garden which I have named as  - Enchanted Garden, for the DMC miniatures bring out the real life gorgeousness in this little garden of mine. This is a 8*8 shadow box which I have covered with lids to create a little more hustle!

Ready?? This is a picture heavy post, so sit back and relax and take a walk through this Enchanted garden!

Here's a little peak into the garden!!

I hope I generated enough curiosity on how this looks from the inside??

Well,  I also have the Missy doll and the Jimmy doggy take a stroll in the garden. Scroll down to view the complete pictures!

I added a letter box at the side panel and look how well it gels with the complete look! Loved it!

Did you notice the little flower pot and that cute cute train??

 I guess Jimmy the dog loves to be in the garden!!

I have kept the front look of the box very simple and not jam packed so as to have enough highlights inside the box!

I hope you all liked the project and do share your creative projects with the miniatures at the DMC facebook page!!
Do drop by with your valuable comments and incase there is any query, kindly message! I will reply back asap!!

Products used:

Miniature Dog - Jimmy
Miniature Center Table
Miniature Missy Doll
Miniature Letter Box # 2 - Red
Miniature Wooden Fence
Mulberry Flowers

Miniature Train

Happy Crafting!